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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In May I gave [ profile] utukki a kidney (1000 points). Last Friday I ruled Asscrackistan as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). In February I set [ profile] mcsnapdragon's puppy on fire (-66 points). In March I ruled Canada as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Monday I helped [ profile] katsudon across the street (6 points).

Overall, I've been nice (940 points). For Christmas I deserve an Easy-Bake Oven!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

why can't i make the naughty list?! Why?!?! I was even a heartless dictator, but noooooo... just not evil enough...

Holy Crap!

Oct. 16th, 2005 03:10 pm
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Well, it's the morning after our first convention. Don't get me wrong, I've been to several of 'em, but this is the first one that my friends and I have actually RUN. Not only that, but it's the first anime-only convention EVER in Utah. We'd been busting our butts for the past few months. (that's right, we planned it starting in JULY!) and yesterday, Oct. 15, it finally happened.

We started back in July by putting up flyers everywhere and trying to get the word out. Just a week before the event, a few local newspapers even put a blurb in 'em about it too, which was awesome. But really, we weren't expecting a turnout of more than 2-3 hundred people. (we had exactly 100 people pre-register and we heard that usually you expect about 2 to 3 times that many to show up the day of.) We'd bought 2 crates of Ramune and 80 boxes of pocky and hello pandas to sell too, hoping to make a little extra in our dealer's room for our club(since the club was the one sponsoring the event).

By the end of a VERY hectic day, the final count on attendees was SIX HUNDRED ELEVEN! Six HUNDRED! at least twice what we expected! We were all soooo excited. It was just plain awesome. Our snack table sold out and we had to get more, and it sold out again! It was just SO cool seeing it all come together and people being excited and having fun and thinking to myself, "hey... we MADE this happen. We all pulled together and busted our buns and we made something completely awesome." Though I was dog-tired when we finished and I just wanted to fall into bed, I was just so amazed at what we'd done. ^-^

Thanks everyone who made it all possible! We ROCK!!!
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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
mikasaigo goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Ted Theodore Logan.
ciambawildcat gives you 6 light blue orange-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
iceysolstice tricks you! You lose 4 pieces of candy!
incorrigible010 gives you 10 dark green grapefruit-flavoured gummy bats.
kanara tricks you! You lose 1 pieces of candy!
masterhiroshi gives you 8 purple chocolate-flavoured pieces of taffy.
mcsnapdragon tricks you! You get a scratched CD.
michimoro tricks you! You get an eraser.
mnpchan tricks you! You get a block of wood.
nefie gives you 9 red-orange chocolate-flavoured gumdrops.
utukki gives you 4 dark blue pineapple-flavoured gumdrops.
mikasaigo ends up with 32 pieces of candy, a scratched CD, an eraser, and a block of wood.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

So um... yeah... here's a little meme thingy Misha told me I needed to take. A block of wood?! P-chan, you're so mean!
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Wow, so I'm finally an aunt. Got a call from my older brother like 10 minutes ago and he let us all know that Nora's pregnant ^_^ so exciting. My mom was practically bouncing off the walls. She's wanted to be a grandmother for the longest time. I'm sure the kid will be spoiled rotten. ^_~

Woo, in other news, CONduit is finally over too. I didn't have to do half as much work as most of the people involved, so I guess I'm not as tired as I think most others were. Last year I was about dead by the end of it, so I'm kinda glad it wasn't as bad this year. well, not "bad" but just tiring I guess. Um... what else... Got Monday off, so I've been cleaning up my room, getting rid of all my old stuff, trying to get things cleaned up at least a little more. It's been pretty bad for the past... few months... O_o so it's kind of nice to have things pretty clean now. I mean... at least I can see the carpet now. Guess that's about it.

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Your Birthdate: July 6

A birthday on the 6th of the month adds a tone of responsibility, helpfulness, and understanding to your natural inclinations.

Those born on the sixth are more apt to be open and honest with everyone, and more caring about family and friends, too.

This is a number associated with responsibility and caring - this birthday lends a degree of concern for others.

More dorky stuff for my LJ. I don't think this one was too accurate though. I have a hard time being honest or open with people and I do try to be concerned for others, but I think a lot of times I'm pretty selfish too. These quizzy things are never that accurate anyway *L*

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Ok, so it's been way too long since I ranted/whined/wrote a blessed thing on this LJ... sorry. Not a whole lot of new stuff going on. CONduit it coming up, I've just finished my Hyuga Hinata costume for that. I still have to finish my Riza Hawkeye costume, and decide if I want to wear a 3rd one or not. >_< But I went to the Army/Navy surplus store the other day and found my shoulder holster and some custom dog tags for the Riza costume ^_^ It'll be awesome. I hope! Um... what else...

Finished with finals. Well... the one final that I had at least. Got an "A" in my animation class. And I darn well deserved it after all the work I did on it. They put us in a group for the final and I know I did at least 70% of the work. 70% in a group of 4? Does that seem right to you? No, I didn't think so either.

What else, um, um, I joined an online RP Group called Final Heaven. It's pretty fun. I play several characters from Final Fantasy... Seifer Almasy, Rinoa Heartily, Eiko Carol, Laguna Loire...

oh! I had the coolest dream the other day. I was Naruto and I had to go and save Sasuke from "the dark side." :P It was so cool. I totally wasted Orochimaru. He was acting like Freakazoid... it was weird, but I was all... "YEAH! I KICKED YER BUTT!" *L* I totally went Rasengan on 'em. So then I dragged semi-evil Sasuke back to the village and do I get any thanks? Noooooo, I just get this "Oh, you saved Sasuke, good job." There were weird ninjas I had to fight too... like... the weasel ninja... and thor, the lightning ninja... *L* anyway... um.... I think that's about it... I'll end there for today ^_^;;;


ps - got a new icon from Sin ^_^ Thank you!! ^.^ I'll use it soon!
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yeah, I know, been a while huh? Last post was way too long ago. I guess when there's not much interesting going on, I don't post. or... when it's really busy... then i don't post either... so recently it's been either one or the other. So what has been up? Went to NDK(Nan Desu Kan), then there was halloween and making lots of costumes, and now there's the Novel Writing Month. I like to stay busy, but I also hate being TOO busy... 'cause... that just isn't fun. So anyway... I'll try and write in here a little more often. as for today...

Pretty boring. I didn't get my word count for the day since i'm not feeling too hot. It's the first time i've missed the quota. My story feels like it's pretty lame, but then, it's a first draft and I can't go back and edit it 'till the end of the month... or so the rules tell me. I don't think i could summarize it well other than to say that it is a fantasy-type novel. If anyone still reads this LJ, then I dunno, feel free to go read the story. It's on my main page under the "fanfiction" section... even though it's not really a "fanfic"...

other than that... not a lot. It's kind of the calm before the holiday storm kicks up... >_< I haven't gone shopping for anyone yet! aaaah! I still have no idea what to get people. I like to make things for them, but I also feel sometimes like those aren't very good gifts... ones i make that is. like... i draw all the time, so i guess i wouldn't think that someone else would value a picture i draw for them? does that sort of make sense? It's like... if you worked at... an icecream store... so you got all your friends icecream... wouldn't they be like, "gee thanks. bet you put a lot of thought into that..."*sarcastic tone*

so yeah... dilemmas... what to get for people... that sort of thing... it's all very... confusing lol... anyway, that's about it for today. I've gotta get to bed early so i can be to work early and... etc. etc. etc...

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heh, been looking through some Harry Potter(mostly snape related) sites. Most of them are just dang funny... check out Pirate Monkeys Inc (link from Misha!) They have some awesome stuff that made me laugh. They also had this freaking funny quiz.... which OOC Fanfiction Snape are you?

rebel snape
You are...Rebel Snape! Found most commonly in
Marauder-era fics, you also crop up
occasionally in canon-era stories, usually when
you're shocking the hell out of Harry with your
utter coolness. With your leather clothing,
tight body, laid-back personality, and skill on
the Quidditch pitch, it's no wonder that
everyone from Lucius Malfoy to Voldemort
himself wants to shag you. However, when you
flip your ponytail and take off on your antique
motorcycle, readers might wonder just what
happened to Sirius Black...

What Wildly Out-of-Character Fanfic Snape Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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yes... i just keep copying quizzes and such from other ljs... but this one was funny! so here you go!

How to make a mikasaigo

1 part mercy

5 parts crazyiness

5 parts instinct
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little emotion if desired!
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What Is Your Battle Cry?

Stalking on the wasteland, cutting down all who dare stand in the way using a piece of chainlink fence, cometh Mikasaigo! And she gives a bloodthirsty scream:

"In the name of Thor the Mighty, I pillage and burn like a klepto-pyro!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

kifed this one from no-chan's LJ! whee!
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Found this one on Krista's LJ... thought it would be fun.

Choose a band or artist and answer only in the titles of their songs:
Barenaked Ladies

Describe yourself: I'll be that Girl

How do some people feel about you: Really Don't Know

How do you feel about yourself: Second Best

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Blame It On Me

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: Have You Seen My Love?

Describe where you are: Light Up My Room

Describe where you want to be: Take It Outside

Describe what you want to be: Falling For The First Time

Describe how you live: Careless

Describe how you love: Never Is Enough

Share a few words of wisdom: It's All Been Done

Daaaang. that was harder than I thought... fun though.



May. 16th, 2004 10:58 pm
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Yeah... I know I don't post here very often... oh well. here's some more posting fun stuff that doesn't actually require me to put effort into it... i just answer random questions...(Stolen from No-chan's LJ... heh)

1. Shannon
2. Carole
3. Deonier

1. Saiyuki T-shirt
2. Denim Capris
3. warm fuzzy socks

1. Stone water fountain thingy...
2. Orlando Bloom bookmark
3. Antennae ball of "Wilson" from the movie "Cast Away"

1. visit Japan
2. get a degree
3. ...i dunno... um... maybe leave something cool behind that people will remember me for?

1. responsible...(hey... don't laugh... i see you laughing...)
2. smart (hey. like i said... no laughing...)
3. i dunno... uh... maybe considerate?

1. somewhat selfish
2. easily paranoid or stressed
3. can be cold to people i don't know sometimes...

1. German
2. Dutch
3. Irish

1. My nose
2. My feet
3. my calves?

1. my smile
2. my figure
3. my hair

1. I was in the Pep Club in High School... yes... that equates to "wannabe cheerleader" we didn't wear the short skirts, but we still did all the cheers...
2. i have trouble trusting people
3. I'm afraid of the dark... no... really.

1. holy crap!
2. ...yup
3. daaaang.

1. Japan
2. Hawaii
3. Ireland

1. Shannon
2. Pan Pan
3. Puddin' or "Pannon"

1. Mika Saigo (webcomic character)
2. ChibiKawaii (...i was like... 13 when I had that one...)
3. Morningstar, the Adversary (for when I'm feeling... evil.)

yup... that was fun...


80's fix

May. 2nd, 2004 12:25 am
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agh... it's all your fault Tyla... You guys started mentioning those 80's movies at P-chan's birthday party. I had to go out and rent them the next day. I didn't realize how much I'd missed them... I just barely finished watching "Labyrinth". man, I love that movie... good stuff.
My brothers and I were laughing near the end though, when there's the stairs that go everywhere(for anyone that hasn't seen the movie, this won't make sense...) and i was like, "They're inside Yugi's mind!" (and if you don't watch Yugioh it might not make sense either...)... anyway... we got on the subject of Bakura being likened to David Bowie(he has this medallion thing that looks suspiciously like a millenium ring... and plus that hair...I dunno about those tight pants though...)and how dang, Bakura must be packin'... take that however you would like... lol...
yup... so that's about it. I rented "The Last Unicorn," "Neverending Story," and "The Dark Crystal." I think I'll watch them tomorrow... yay!
In other news we also rented this game called "Groove" for the ps2. it is SO FREAKING FUN! You have to play it with the Eye Toy, so it's kind of like DDR for your hands. this tiny camera records you dancing around(mostly flailing your arms about) and you get points! it's GREAT! i love it!!

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I just don't get tired of these things. I found this one on Krista's LJ, though she got it Damoyre I think... anyway, fun to fill out!

1: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:

"Only twice in the day's march had they rested for a brief while,"

2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?:

Escaflowne wall scroll and hanging fan of Ginji from Get Backers

3: What is the last thing you watched on TV?:

Lion King 1 1/2 last night

4: WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what the time is:


5: Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?:


6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?:

My brother's birds being loud in the other room.

7: When did you last step outside? What were you doing?:

15 minutes ago... i just got home from school

8: Before you came to this web site, what did you look at?:

9: What are you wearing?:

Baggy black skater pants, Marik T-shirt, sneakers

10: Did you dream last night? What about?:

Yes! it was cool. A mixture of anime in that one. I dreamed that I was for some reason wearing Sha Gojyo's clothes and running around with Kenshin... We wanted to become hunters(anyone seen Hunter X Hunter?)... they're kinda like ninjas... only they hunt for stuff... so we were training at Naruto's academy and our assignment was to find out info on *shudder* Gaara! scary! The first time I stalked him, he was fighting with some other people and made it rain blood. creepy. so then I ran away to a computer lab... for some reason the ninjas had computers... anyway, I accessed the hunter website and found some baby pictures of Gaara.(Cute!) It was strangely quiet in the lab, so I turned around and who is standing right behind me? GAARA! ah! not at all pleased that I'm there either... I ran out of there SO FAST... then I hid behind Kenshin...

11: When did you last laugh?

ICC meeting... about an hour ago? Ty-chou was making fun of me for being bitter.

12: What is on the walls of the room you are in?:

dang... um, this could take a while... Escaflowne Wall scroll, Ginji fan, Calendar from Ribon magazine, "Link he come to town" comic Tyla drew, Fanart of PoaFA tyla did, FF9 wallscroll of Zidane, DBZ wallscroll with Trunks and Cell, 7 Saiyuki posters I cut out from the 2003 calendar noelle gave me ^-^, 4 Saiyuki mini pencil boards, Kingdom Hearts Poster, FFX poster with Tidus, Kenshin wallscroll, Kenshin poster, another kenshin poster, kenshin cards, Full size Legolas poster(ooooh yeah!), Panda-chick sketch from tyla, Happy King on a chessboard sketch from Shoujo Mike, Rose crest from Kime, Club calendar, Sailor moon poster, Magic the Gathering card: The Knight of the Hokey Pokey, Card of Isshin Shiba from Juvenile Orion, Trunks poster, Poster-map of middle earth, Trunks wallscroll, Ranma in a tux poster, Inuyasha and Kagome Poster, Group inuyasha poster, Inuyasha pic drawn by tyla, Inuyasha cards, Sesshoumaru poster, Pencil board of Miroku and Sango from Neffie, Fruits basket mini-poster, Gundam Wing poster featuring Duo, FFX cute scene with Yuna and Tidus, Orlando Bloom poster(oooh baby), Naruto poster, Hikaru no go poster, Hikaru no go cards from Misha, Tasuki card, Fushigi yuugi poster, another FY poster... i think that's all...

13: Seen anything weird lately?:

The Secret Window... weird movie...

14: What do you think of this quiz?:


15: What is the last film you saw?:

in a theater? The Secret Window. At home? that'd be Lion King 1 1/2

16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?:

Pay off parent's house/cars and buy my own too!

17: Tell me something about you that I don't know:

When I was... like... 5... I killed my pet rabbit. on accident...

18: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?:

make everyone speak the same language... kind of like a reverse tower of babel...

19: Do you like to dance?:

oh baby. do i ever.

20: George Bush: is he a power-crazy nutcase or someone who is finally doing something that has needed to be done for years?:

gosh... this one is tough. I actually think he's doing a good job as president. I mean... imagine what thinks would be like if Clinton or Gore had been the one that had to handle 9/11. I think we'd be in a much bigger mess right now if not for Bush.

21a: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?:

um... I've actually always really liked the name "Mika"... I use it as an online name even though it's nowhere near my real one. I'd probably use that. I really like the name Rei too...

21b: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?:

I've always really liked the name "Matthew" so I'd probably pick that...

22: Would you ever consider living abroad?:

I would love to! :)
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Sweet, these things are kind of fun to do. I stole this one from P-chan's LJ... then re-answered the questions so they're from me!

10 favorite songs (no real order here)
1. Hoobastank - The Reason
2. Evanescense - My Tourniquet
3. Final Fantasy x-2 - REAL Emotion
4. Hillary Duff - Come Clean
5. Rammstein - Du Hast
6. Fenix TX - All My Fault
7. Barenaked Ladies - If I had a Million Dollars
8. BackStreet Boys(Shush! I don't judge you!) - Everybody
9. Mamboleo - I have no idea who sings this one...
10. Shakira - Whenever, Wherever

9 favorite things
1. Bishounen
2. Anime
3. Manga
4. Books by Martha Wells, Simon Green, Weis & Hickman, Ray Bradbury or Lyda Morehouse
5. Family & Friends
6. Music
7. Sewing
8. Art
9. Shopping

8 least favorite things(I actually kept most of P-chan's responses here because they were good)
1. People blaming video games for the problems of the world
2. Yaoi
3. Obsessive Fan-girls
4. Obsessive Fan-boys
5. Hentai
6. When people use the word "Irregardless"!!!
7. People who think they are better than other people
8. Not getting my way! (such a brat!)

7 things you can't do
1. Fly
2. Update ON TIME!
3. Pee standing up... lol...
4. a somersault! i dunno... for some reason i can't do it!
5. Cook!
6. Knit
7. curse

6 things you've never done before
1. bungee jump
2. sky dive
3. been out of the U.S.
4. Made out with Orlando Bloom! heh heh
5. Been in a Fist Fight
6. used a fake accent in public

5 bands you adore
1. Evanescense
2. Nightwish
3. New Found Glory
4. Hoobastank
5. Barenaked Ladies

4 things you don't have but wish you did
1. a BOYFRIEND for pete's sake... lol...
2. A game boy advance
3. A sweet ride
4. Money

3 things you can't live without
1. Anime
2. Pie
3. Videogames

2 of your favorite imperfections
favorite imperfections? what the crap kind of question is that? hmmm...
1. hm... i like my double-jointed thumb... it's kinda weird and cool at the same time...
2. My retarded looking baby toe!

the only thing you would die for: now that's a tough one... do you give a realistic response? or something humorous...

[ Current Clothes ]: Puppy hat, Pan Pan Pants, Yugioh Marik t-shirt, white socks, black shoes... I won't go into too much more detail than that...
[ Current Mood ]: Bored
[ Current Music ]: Fukai Mori - Inuyasha
[ Current Taste ]: Toothpaste
[ Current Make-up ]: None
[ Current Hair ]: Chunky Blonde streaks in my mousy brown mess of hair.
[ Current Annoyance ]: little brother in my room...
[ Current Smell ]: smells like... my room?
[ Current Favorite Artist ]: too many to name...
[ Current Desktop Picture ]: Get Backers
[ Current Favorite Group ]: Evanescence
[ Current Book you're reading ]: The Black Gryphon, Archangel Protocol, and The Wizard Hunters
[ Current CD in CD Player]: Ace of Base... but my cd player is my backpack...
[Current DVD in player]: Cowboy Bebop
[ Current Color Of Toenails ]: Peach? I dunno... I never bother much with the darn things...
[ Current Refreshment ]: water?

[ You Touched ]: Mit
[You Talked to ]: Jason
[ You Hugged ]: Misha
[ You Instant messaged ]: Neffie
[ You Kissed ]: I ain't sayin'...

[ Food ]: Chocolate Pie, Pudding, or Mashed Potatoes.
[ Drink ]: virgin Peach or Strawberry Daiquirri. yum.
[ Color ]: Purple
[ Album ]: Evanescence - Fallen
[ Shoes ]: This pair I had in high school. They were the BOMB. They were black and white striped tennis shoes with like a 2 inch platform on them. I loved those shoes...
[ Candy ]: anything chocolate
[ Animal ]: Cats
[ TV Show ]: I really don't watch much tv... I like the "I love the 80's" show though...
[ Movie ]: Way too many to count... um... what's a good recent one... hm... Pirates of the Carribean? or LotR... both good.
[ Dance ]: ? I don't dance much... ballroom style my fav would be the Waltz... um... club dancing? is there really a style besides just "shake what yo momma gave ya!"?
[ Song ]: so many... just go look at that list of songs at the top...
[ Vegetable ]: is corn a fruit or a veggie? hmm... if it's not... then probably Broccoli or Cauliflour...
[ Fruit ]: Strawberry! Kiwi! Pineapple!

[ Understanding ]: I think I am
[ Open-minded ]: I really try to be
[ Arrogant ]: not really. unless I'm playing video games...
[ Insecure ]: who isn't?
[ Interesting ]: sometimes
[ Random ]: not too much
[ Hungry ]: yeah
[ Friendly ]: I try
[ Smart ]: 3.49 gpa in high school... in college it's a 4.0! Go me!
[ Moody ]: hello? I'm a chick! Every girl is moody... sheesh...
[ Childish ]: at times
[ Independent ]: wish i was
[ Hard working ]: *snicker* I'm Pan Pan and I.... am a PROCRASTINATOR!!!
[ Organized ]: sometimes... my organization tends to be in spurts...
[ Healthy ]: Enough
[ Emotionally Stable ]: Now this is where I'm weird... or at least some people think so... I laugh at violent movies, don't cry at sad ones... don't like to cry period.
[ Shy ]: oh yes.
[ Difficult ]: not really
[ Attractive ]: pff... I wouldn't really say so, but eh... *shrug*
[ Bored Easily ]: nah, I usually have enough hobbies to keep me entertained.
[ Messy ]: yup
[ Thirsty ]: nah
[ Responsible ]: i try...
[ Obsessed ]: anime anyone?
[ Angry ]: depends on the time of the month ^_~
[ Sad ]: sometimes
[ Happy ]: Most of the time
[ Hyper ]: only after a few pixi stix...
[ Trusting ]: usually
[ Talkative ]: not really.

[ Kill ]: I'd rather not say...
[ Slap ]: again... *looks at the line above*
[ Get Really Wasted With ]: um...
[ Get High With ]: dont think so...
[ Look Like ]: Julia Stiles is pretty cool... Shakira too... Anne Hathaway... um...
[ Talk To Offline ]: Orlando Bloom!
[ Talk To Online ]: Vic!
[ My Name Is ]: Pan Pan
[ In The Morning I Am ]: at school?
[ All I Need Is ]: that's a tough one...
[ Love Is ]: i wouldn't know
[ I'm Afraid of ]: the dark
[ I Dream About ]: hm... freaky stuff... usually weird and i don't remember it in the morning.

-H A V E .Y O U. E V E R . .
[ Pictured your crush naked? ]: maybe...
[ Actually seen ur crush naked ]: 'course not
[ Been in love ]: nope
[ Cried when someone died ]: Yes
[ Lied ]: duh...
-W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-
[ Coke or Pepsi ]: ew, they're both icky
[ Flowers or candy]: Flowers
[ Tall or short ]: TALL! Why oh WHY aren't there more TALL MEN?! o_o

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-
[what do u notice first?]: Eyes
[last person u slow danced with]: Dang... it's been way too long... Some guy at a church dance probably...
[worst question to ask]: Boxers or Briefs?

-W H O-
[makes u laugh the most?]: the Fems
[makes you smile]: Family
[gives u a funny feeling when u see them]: . . .
[who do you have a crush on?]: not telling...
[has a crush on u?]: Orlando Bloom!
[ easiest to talk to]: Fems, Mom, Mit, and Misha
[ hardest to talk to]: anyone I don't know very well.
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agh! So! As some of you may know, I got FFX-2(That's Final Fantasy X-2 for you non-gamers) a while back and beat the game a few weeks after. however, i beat the game on the most basic level of beating it and... if you know your video games... that means you don't get the best ending. I was rather annoyed by the ending i got actually. i still need to beat the game at 100%(means i have to beat every freakin' thing in the game) to get the "perfect" ending. So I play it now and again with the strategy guide to make sure i don't miss a thing. I downloaded some FMVs from the game(again, for non-gamers... FMVs are the parts of the game done in uber-good graphics. NOT gameplay mode, these are the type of graphics you see when they advertise for it on tv, good stuff!) Since there are a few parts of the game with catchy music, I downloaded those. now... being the bad person i am, I have read summaries of the above mentioned "perfect" ending. however, the summary i read must have been incorrect... >_< because... as i was downloading the fmvs... i noticed one that said "Spoiler warning! the Perfect Ending!" how could i NOT click? holy crap. i was euphoric. I won't spoil the ending by saying what happened... i'll only say that THEY COULD HAVE JUST ENDED FINAL FANTASY X WITH IT! THERE WAS NO NEED FOR FFX-2!!! AGH! so... mixed feelings. ffx-2 is way fun, cute, and i enjoyed playing it, but now that i've seen the REAL ending... i think i like it even more. It's everything i wanted for the first game's ending to be! so happy... I think I'll go watch it a couple more times...


Mar. 14th, 2004 09:00 pm
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hm... no matter what, change seems to be inevitable, doesn't it? Sometimes it really sucks and sometimes it's for the better, but things are always changing. wah... waxing philosopical there... weird. can't be doing that. lol... so um... yeah, personally I haven't been up to much lately. Spring Break is upon me, or should I call it "Find a Job this week or die" break? that has a slightly less pleasant ring to it though... pity. But I think getting a job will be quite the nice change. Not the whole working part... but having funds is good. yes yes.
Haven't been posting much lately. I guess because there hasn't been much to tell. I was feeling pretty crappy most of this week, just in a bad mood I guess. don't know exactly why. I think it might be the winter dragging on, but we actually had some nice weather this week, so maybe that isn't it. Ever have one of those days where you just feel totally useless? it's like... i dunno, just weird I guess. anyway, trying to do better though.
Gah... i can think of tons of things I should be doing right now instead of just sitting here and typing. I should be working on costumes for conventions, drawing comics, writing stuff for poetry club, the list goes on. The thing is, even if I stop typing, I probably won't go do one of those things, i'll probably sit around, play video games, or watch anime. blah. I did go get some fabric for some of my costumes though. I just need to cut the patterns out. hm... I also got some books from No-chan and from the library that I need to read... so I guess I'll end here and try and do one of those... :P or something. whee.

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hm... first of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEFFIE! ^-^ hope you have a good one! um... well, today i had an adventure! I got out of Tori-san's class early so I took the bus home. but um... i'm not good with the earlier bus schedules, so I just figure I'll head out and the bus will be there pretty soon. dur. so i'm walking to the stop and I see the bus fly right past. crap. so i stand around at the stop for almost another 1/2 hour. read some manga courtesy of Kime. the bus comes, i catch it this time, woo! and then catch another bus downtown to get home. so... usually when i get home there's someone at home to let me in, so i don't always bring a key... and today was no different. only... no one was home. so i call my mom to see if she knows where my brother is(he is usually the one at home) and she says he's out for a job interview and then coming over to her work to have lunch. curses. so i hang up and just as i'm cursing my cruel fate, i see my brother pull up. he forgot his wallet. sweet! so i hitch a ride. on the way i get a call from Kime... who apparently thought i'd be getting out of class at the USUAL TIME. but NO. so i meet up with Kime at a nice chinese restaurant and we hang out and have lunch. afterwards, we go to Fred Meyer's so she can get a cool Sanzo shirt for her costume. then... we went to the fabric store and home and... then I watched the end of Berserk. holy CRAP. that was some freaky ride. na na na na BATMAN! heh... but um... yeah anyway... that was... i don't even know what to say after seeing all that... just... holy crap. i also watched... Full Metal Panic disc 3 and cowboy bebop disc 2... i need to catch up watching all these shows people loaned out to me. Read lotsa manga recently though... Snow Drop, Hot Gimmick, Peach Girl(you lied to me Kime!!! you said that volume was GOOD! AGH! *sniffle*), Kill Me Kiss Me, and Girl Got Game. all of them are really cool so I fully recommend them. and... that's about it... how about that... got a pretty long post from me today... no paragraphs or anything either...



Feb. 26th, 2004 09:38 pm
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well... I s'pose I should post here more often. well... I really DO post in here more than you'd think, just a lot of the posts are sometimes just for me to read. I mean... I don't want everyone to know EVERYTHING i'm thinking ALL the time, that'd just be weird... lol... so anyway, now i'm posting. what can I say... there hasn't been a whole lot going on. Still looking for a job. Still drawing comics. Still going to school... hmm... I dunno... that's really about it.

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wah! once again haven't posted in a while! Okay... this next bit will be petty and mean of me, but I was so giggly the other day after finding an ex friend of mine's message board. someone(it wasn't even me!) had posted about exactly what the girl was like in real life. not only that, but someone ELSE replied to it(wasn't me either!!), stating much the same. i got a laugh out of it and that is quite mean of me, but i felt it was deserved. ooh. feeling so venomous. bad pannon. some of you may know exactly who i'm talking about and if that's the case and you'd like to read the posts, i'll send you the address if you like. if not, don't worry about it too much. I don't wanna smear anyone's name. so yeah. anyway, onto other things.
I just finished writing my essay for my writing class. score. glad to be done with that. Threw together a main page pic now that it's almost 2 weeks late... whoops. in all honesty i did do 4 or 5 sketches for main page pics, but i just didn't like them. so i went with some artsy fartsy pose. i like it. better than the other sketches. what else... oh. I got my hair done. not that a lot of people that read this actually know what i look like in real life, but now it's straight and has chunky streaks. to quote ty-chou, it looks "like a Hershey's Hug". thanks ty-chou. so kind. and ah crap, i just thought of more stuff i need to do. dang it. forgot to do some art homework. i think it'll be ok though. anyway i need to go to bed. i'm almost done reading a cool book. um... what else... oh yes. job. need one badly. must go in search of one.

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