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I think that me and Valentine's Day must be mortal enemies.  It is like my own personal Friday, the 13th.  Without fail, something annoying and/or bad always happens on that day.  And this year was no different.

I got the hotel reserved for Anime Banzai.  It is officially gonna be August 31st through September 1st at the Sheraton.  Yay.  All the paperwork is signed and now we can get down to planning since we're down about 2 months from the usual.  Which means we've got just a little over 6 months to finish up plans.  YIKES.

Anyway... that's not the bad news.  After that, I went to pick up No-chan and drop some stuff by for our friend.  We were on our way to anime club when low and behold, I see a police car with lights flashing that wants to turn left in front of me at an intersection.  It was a  little surprising, so I put on my brakes quickly and stopped in time.  The 2 cars behind me, however, did not.  First I felt just a little bumper tap.  It was startling, but not bad.  Then about 1 second later, we got a BIG smash.  Ouch.

So we pulled our little parade off to a side street where all the cops just happened to be congregating for a drug bust of some sort.  Woo.  So we had to wait for a while for an officer to even have time to do an incident report.  Luckily the car wasn't hurt too badly and me and No-chan are ok, though my neck is kinda sore. >.< 

Good thing though?  When I got home, I got flowers for like, the first time EVER on Valentine's Day.  That was way nice Mr. Anonymous!  I was happy to get them.  It made this Valentine's a little easier to bear ^^;  Thank you!!
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