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I am sitting on safety pins right now.  Yes, I have a story to tell today.  So... I was digging in my closet for clothes since the dress code has changed recently.  I found a pair of awesome baggy black pants that I love.  they're faux suede i think.  But huge like pajama pants.  and really warm.  So I wondered why I hadn't worn them... it was because the tie at the waist needed to be replaced.  So... I replaced it this morning and went off on my merry way.

It wasn't until my class in the morning that I realized something was amiss...  I was suspicious, thinking there was some other reason I hadn't worn the pants... and I found out that it was because there was a rather large hole in the bottom.  Now I understand why the people behind me were snickering when we all got up to bow to the sensei.  Whoops.  So... surprisingly enough, even being the sewing fanatic I am, I did NOT have a kit on me.  I had to resort to safety pins.  It's a good thing I'm one of them Emo kids and have a bunch decorating my backpack. 

And I actually had TIME this morning, so I was looking all cute and stuff.  Bummer!  But I did find some cool contact lenses.  Colored ones, yay.  They're only 12 bucks a pair, so I got green, blue, and purple to play with.  Yay!
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