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I'm posting.  Praise me. 

Just in case I'm offending anyone, I just wanted to say that No, I don't read my friends page.  Sorry, I suck.  I know.  So if something huge is going on, I probably don't know about it.  Phones are good.  Emails... texts...  but I'm really bad at remembering to check LJ.  Heck, how often do I post?  So if you want me to know something, a more direct approach may be necessary.  Or you could just kick me and say "read my LJ dangit."  That works too. 

Anyway... for those of you that DO read their friends lj pages... good on you.  You're probably a very nice person.  I suppose I could use LJ to air all my crap and vent about things, but I really don't think it would be very interesting.  I'm kind of boring.  It would mostly me complaining about getting in over my head.  Always.  I can't say no to people.  I suck at it.  Hard. 

But since I guess some people want to know, here's some things that are new or possibly of interest -

* I have a car.  It is silver.  I'm thinking of naming it Riku.  Other suggestions are welcome.

* Car costs a lot of money.  I need a 2nd job or to go to less conventions.  Or maybe both.  Or maybe I just need a full time that pays more and has benefits.  Either way, I will probably turn in a few applications then stew about it for a while.

* I'm taking a Japanese class this semester.  i want to do the study abroad program, but I am poor and learning the language is about the best I can hope for right now.  It may become more likely if I get off my butt and do the "find a job" thing.

* I'm annoyed at Final Fantasy 12.  My copy is broken or something.  No matter what point in the game I start at, it freezes up within about 15 minutes.  it's not the ps2, that's brand new.  It doesn't do it on any other games.  And the game has hardly been touched since I got it.  I think it's a glitch and I just need to go exchange it, but I don't know if they will since I play it so sparingly and it's been a while since I bought it and discovered said glitch.

* I get to go to the Hilton tomorrow and get the hotel reserved for our convention, Anime Banzai.  That part I am relatively fine with.  It's everything else to do with the con that worries me.  It seems like the more we expand, the more drama we get.  I hate drama.

* I want to work on AMVs, but I lack footage.  Kinda sucks.  I need Bleach and Host Club and D.Gray-man.  Guess we'll see.  Be nice to get some done in time for NDK.

I think that's it.  Look for another post from me in several months.
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