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Okay... so I told people I'd actually POST here... so here's some fun stuff from the con I was at.  It's all under cuts though cuz there's a LOT of images.  Enjoy

Day One -

We (my sister and I) were dressed as the Twins from Host Club from the "Alice in Wonderland" episode.  So we were cheshire cats.  It was fun. 

It was kinda funny cuz the guest band at AFest was "FLOW."  We met them Friday morning and they wanted a picture with US!  So weird.  But I was too slow to ask for a pic of them too :(  Oh well.  Maybe it'll turn up somewhere on the internet. lol...

Demyx's sitar was just sitting around, so I couldn't resist... I was right behind a fountain too... DANCE WATER DANCE!!!

These other twins from Host Club were PERFECT!  They looked a lot alike. Ha... here they are pestering poor Nekozawa.

And playing keep away with his wig... poor poor nekozawa.  I think he might curse them later...

L and Raito(Light) from DeathNote.  As they were leaving I was like, "PSSSST!!! HEY!  You know he's KIRA, right?!  You better look out!"

Day Two -

Second day Mit didn't dress up, but I did.  I was Allen Walker from D.Gray-man, a manga most of you haven't heard of.  It'll be an anime in Japan starting in October and I'm pretty sure it'll be big like Naruto and Bleach, so eventually everyone will have heard of it... :S

I did find a Rinali though, which was cool.  She was all excited that there was another D.Gray cosplayer.

I found this amusing... while I was trying to get Zelgadis' pic, this Ed stomped right though.  He(She) is like, "Another movie?  I dunno, you'll have to call my agent.  I'm in high demand right now you know..."

This Card Captor group was freakin' adorable. 

Big surprise, I found the Yugioh guys in the gaming room.  They're playing a Shadow Game of uh... Stratego or Risk or something... I'm sure the fate of the world depends on it. 

Evil version of Sailor Mercury from the Live Action series.  Of all the characters to have turned "evil," Sailor Mercury is not the one I would have picked.  Someone with a little more bite to them might have been a good idea.  Ooooh I'm scaaared!  It's Mercury!  Look out!  She'll bubble you to death!  *runs*

Ah!  My favorite blue space vampire!  It's the COUNT from Gankutsuou - a retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo!  The sleeves were awesome and they get mad props for painting themselves blue.  And the top hat?  Rocks.  Hardcore.

And now a little something to rot your teeth...

Now THIS is some dedication.  He painted himself white to be "Black and White" version Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2. 

A couple of cute boys dressed as Naruto that we found in the dealer's room.  Which one is real?  Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

Even organization xiii loves para para.

Back off!  Sasame totally wants to pret with ME! ;p

Now this... this is just mean and cruel.  And that is why I love it.

Ah, I got a bad angle of this, but Roy is holding out a ring to Riza.  Yes, he is FINALLY proposing!  Hughes approves.

Need revenge?  V is here to settle the score!  Why he's at an ANIME con... I do not know... >.>

This vincent was by far the closest to the real thing.  She(yes, sadly a she...) looked just like him!  Her costume rocked. 

Kya~!  Tamaki-samaaaa! 

That smooth talker Tamaki has found himself another client for the Host Club... Not that he had to try very hard... I was very excited to see a Tama-chan ^^  *happy dance*

Day Three -
Dressed as Syaoran and Sakura from Tsubasa:Reservoir Chronicle this day.  I think they turned out pretty well. :)

Hehe, we just had to do that "posing on other sides of the glass" pose... My sister was Syaoran and I went as Sakura.

This Guy(Yes GUY) has... guts.  Dressing as Kuja?  I don't think I've ever seen a MAN do it.  That can't be comfy...

Another cute DeathNote group.  I want a deathnote... >.>

I thought this was so awesome.  Count D had a T-chan with him. ^^  I love T-chan...

Day Four -
yes, this con was a 4-day-er.  Fri-Mon.  Last day we were KH2 Sora and Riku ^^

Here's a group shot with me, riku, and some ff7 guys.

The FinalFantasy/KingdomHearts people did a lot of dorking around... singing along to disney songs... Dragostea-din-tea, some diss wars... and of course, the highlight was Tseng doing a strip show for us.  It was a beautiful thing.
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