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Found this while running around on LJ. I would put it behind a cut, but I don't feel like it :P Beware, there might be spoilers if you haven't read the manga.

1 Who's your favorite BLEACH character?

Ah! That's hard. There are so many awesome characters on Bleach. I like Ichigo and Orihime and Hanatarou and Matsumoto and Chad and Kon and Urahara and Hitsugaya and... but I think most of all I like Ichimaru Gin.

2 Who's your favorite present time character?

Is that like... the people in Karakura town that aren't in Soul Society? Uh... I guess I'd have to say either Ichigo or Orihime. I like 'em both about the same.

3 Who's your favorite captain?

Gin! I know everyone thinks he's a weasel, but I like him! ^^

4 Who's your favorite vice captain?


5 Who's your favorite shinigami (minus the captain and vice captains)?

Hanatarou! He's adorable. *heart* Though Yumichika is close too.

6 Who's your favorite character from Urahara shouten?

I like Ururu. She kicks butt! Go Karakura Pink!

7 Who's your favorite character from Rukongai?

That I haven't already mentioned? I'll have to say Hitsugaya then.

8 Who's your favorite female character?


9 Who's has your favorite voice?


10 Who're your favorite pair (couple)?

Gin x Rangiku ^^ and Ichigo x Orihime!

11 Who's birthday is the closest/same to yours?

Dunnoooo when their's are. But I think Gin's is in June, so I'll say that's closest.

12 Who's height is the closest/same as yours?

Byakuya is my exact height! But we're not at all alike... I think i'd wanna kick him just to see if i could get a reaction out of that cold fish. (you can find the
heights and stuff here - )

13 Who do you think you would be able to become friends with the most?

Who would I want to and who would actually be my friend are two different things... *L* I think i'd be friends with Orihime and Tatsuki pretty easy. I'd wanna be friends with like... Gin and Yumichika and 69 guy... and lots of others, but some of them are not so friendly ^^;;;

14 Who do you want to get married to the most?

Hmm... Gin would be fun I think. He's so mischievous. *grin*

15 Who do you want to have the biggest fight with?

It'd be wicked fun to fight with Renji or Ichigo. They're both so gung-ho about fighting.

16 Who do you want as your higher ranking officer?

Gin! Or Hitsugaya! Then he'll do all my paperwork. Or maybe Aizen... then I could stab him when he's not looking. *stabbity stab stab*

17 Who do you want as your lower ranking officer?

Hmm... who would I wanna push around...? Probably Renji, cuz it'd be fun to order him around... Or maybe Yumichika. I'd have him go shopping with me.

18 Who do you want to fight the most?

Didn't they ask this already? Renji or Ichigo...

19 Who do you want to be scolded by the most?

Hm... I know who would be the scariest ^^; So I guess I'd want the nicest ones to do the scolding. Maybe Hitsugaya cuz he talks all big and tough, but he's really a softy.

20 Who do you want to panic the most?

I think it'd be hilarious to see Byakuya in a panic ^^

21 Who do you want to exchange positions with the most?

Uh... Hm... Orihime or Matsumoto I guess?

22 Which division do you want to join the most?


23 Which rank do you want to be in the most?

I'd wanna be a captain. You get the cool jackets. ^.^

24 What is your favorite zanpakutou?

Hmmmm... First I gotta remember all of 'em. ^^; I thought Kira's was funny.  Wabisuke, the emo sword. And Gin's Shinsou is cool, the er... suggestive sword. But I think the coolest is Zangetsu. He's got sunglasses AND his cool flowy trenchcoat.

25 Whose name do you like the most?


26 Which character's chapter heading do you like the most?

I'm supposed to remember these? Geez... I thought it was pretty funny that there was a chapter titled "In Sane We Trust." Made me laugh, but I don't remember who was on it. There was another cool one that had Ichi and Rukia in KillBill costumes... "Lift the Limit" was pretty cool too.

27 Whose costume do you want to wear the most?

As long as it isn't a Quincy one...(or Don Kanonji) ^^; All the shinigami ones are cool I think...

28 Which was your favorite battle?

Probably Byakuya vs. Ichigo - when Ichigo finally uses his bankai. That one was pretty sweet.

29 Whose handmade cooking do you want to eat the most?

Uh... NOT Orihime ^^;;; her cooking is kinda scary. Maybe Hanatarou, he seems like he'd be a good little housewife lol.

30 Who do you want to feed your cooking to the most?

*lol* If I was sure my cooking wouldn't make them die... again... then I think I'd just invite 'em all over for a party. Except Aizen. He can starve to death and I
wouldn't care. In fact, I'd do a little happy dance.
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