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Wow, I'm updating... woo. Very exciting. I'll probably just be copying and pasting what I post here to my journal over at Fem~Gri~La or vice versa... or something. Anyway... Not a lot from me. Like I've mentioned in my other journal, I'm taking a drama/acting class this semester. We did some "trust" exercises on Friday that were kinda scary. That stuff where you fall backward and have to trust that someone will actually catch you? yeah, that. standing on top of a 3 ft high table and just hoping you don't fall and break your head open. That was kinda scary. I'm not the most petite of people, so I was understandably nervous, but I did it! Woo, and I didn't even die. I'm not sure what all of that has to do with acting, but it was fun.

Saturday I got to watch some more of an anime called "School Rumble," which is freakin' funny. It's just another high school comedy, but instead of perverse jokes and sexual tension to make things humorous, they just do random, bizarre funny gags. Lots of fun. Quite enjoyed it.

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