Feb. 7th, 2007

pannon: (full of blood)
It's weird... now that I've started actually like... writing stuff in my LJ, I think about doing it more often.  Er... well sort of.  I think "hm... I could write about that, that wouldn't be boring at least..."  Anyhoo...

Japanese class is going well.  We got to meet some college students from Japan today.  It was... interesting.  The teacher said we could ask questions, but only if they were in Japanese >.<  And I was too scared lol...  I can write the language ok and I can listen and understand it ok, but when I have to speak it myself, I get all... quiet and my brain just forgets everything. ^^;;;  Oh well.  One of them was named Sayako and isn't that the name of the girl in "The Grudge" or "The Ring" or something?  Anyway, she was cute and studied Kendo.  Then there was a guy with spikey pink hair.  He kind of reminded me of Shin from Nana because he had piercings all up and down his ears, spikey hair, and that sort of punkish fashion.  Only... more pink.  He had a big Pink Panther keychain, so I'm assuming that was his role model... lol...

Oh yeah... we had to write sentences today... or at least try.  Mine was "My sister and I like tall boys."  Watashi to watashi no imouto mo takai otoko ga suki desu. ♥  Yesterday someone's sentence was "Your mom is hot." That one was fun too...

What else... I finally beat FF12(Ashley-pii helped!).  I wonder why they made Vaan the main character when really... he isn't that important to the story.  Cute though.  I liked the costume designs.  I think Larsa was my favorite, he was just adorable!  Little genius cute boy... and Balthier was awesome too, he ties with Larsa or is a close close second.  ^^;  I was a little disappointed with the ending though.  I didn't do all the sidequests and stuff, so maybe I didn't get the bonus footage?  Does anyone know?  Anyway... I think that's about it.

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